Millsboro to review traffic figures in Dodd Street closure discussion

Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway, during his recent report to the town council, announced:

• In conjunction with the Delaware Department of Transportation, a traffic count will be done on Houston Street. Calloway said he will provide data and results to Town Manager Sheldon Hudson.

A committee, commissioned by the Town of Millsboro as required by the town charter, will review traffic count numbers and discuss whether or not to permanently close Dodd Street, near where the new Millsboro Town Hall will be built downtown.

“The question is, do we want to close that now in anticipation of the new building or see where the footprint lays?” Hudson said.

“It depends on what the committee decides to recommend. It is very early in the process. We will look at doing a traffic study to see how many people use that small connector road,” Hudson said.

• The police department hosted Police Officer for a Day, allowing a local school student to be an officer.

• Some officers have recently received additional training.

• The Stars & Stripes Fireworks festival at Cupola Park on June 29 was “a great event” with volunteers doing an excellent job helping to keep traffic moving, Calloway said.

“There were some lessons learned. We learned about the tide being a problem. We write those things down, so next year we can improve. Overall, it was a great event. The fireworks were beautiful,” Calloway said.

• Drones flying overhead during the fireworks event were operated by Sussex County Emergency to capture an aerial view for safety, but it wasn’t videotaped, he noted.

In other news from the July council meeting:

• The Millsboro Town Council approved accepting a bike rack, donated by Ace Cycle Repair, south of Millsboro, and placed in front of town hall.

Hudson said it’s the beginning of the town being more pedestrian- and bike-friendly, especially downtown.

There are plans for a bike path in the town’s Bike Master Plan, with intent to close gaps in the sidewalk in town to provide connectivity and the creation of a shared-use path or sidewalk from Plantation Lakes on the west side to the Millsboro Pond and Indian River Bridge on the east, Hudson said.

The Town has applied for two or three grants “to do something conceptual to see what would be entailed to fill that gap,” he said. “A lot of inland towns pride themselves on being innovative and we want to be one of first inland towns to try to move forward with a multimodal plan.”

One show remains in the free concert series at Cupola Park series. The Jones Boys will perform from 7 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 27. Several food vendors are scheduled to be there. The series began June 18 with the Reunion Band. Also playing were the Indian River Band, Glass Onion and Dirt Road Outlawz.


By Susan Canfora

Point Reporter