Letter: Swann Cove HOA concerned with project


I attended the recent Planning & Zoning hearing in Georgetown regarding the proposed Old Mill Landing development as part of the Friends of the Dirickson Creek group.

When it was finally time (I had been sitting quiet for over three hours) for me to give my short presentation, I was, within a few sentences, interrupted by the chairman. Before the proceeding on this property began, the P&Z Board stated that each speaker would get only one chance to speak to the Board. Therefore, I am now making my presentation public, since I was not allowed to present it in full at the meeting.

My name is Lynn Wivell. I am a board member of the Swann Cove Homeowner’s Association. I am representing the community of Swann Cove that has 350 existing homes. I am asking that you approve no more communities along Old Mill Bridge Road until a new traffic impact study is completed.

Swann Cove is unlike other communities that are adjacent to Dirickson Creek. The Swann Cove community has an entrance on Old Mill Bridge Road and an entrance on Route 54 (Lighthouse Road). Due to this unique location the community has become a traffic cut through for people wanting to travel east on Route 54 from Old Mill Bridge Road.

Unfortunately, there is no way for motorists to make a left-hand turn from Old Mill Bridge Road to travel east on Route 54 without making a U-turn. So much of this traffic speeds through the Swann Cove community with little regard for speed limits or stop signs.

The HOA of Swann Cove is concerned about ensuring the safety of children, people out walking, riding bikes and minimizing the amount of pass-thru traffic. Residents would like to maintain the peaceful environment that they expect to enjoy in Swann Cove.

In response to these concerns the Swann Cove community began working with representatives of DelDOT and Rep. Ron Gray to see what measures could be taken to address these concerns.

As a result of Swann Cove’s efforts, the HOA approved to add five more stop signs to the community and radar signs to alert motorists of their speed. These are expected to be up by next spring. In addition, a community-wide vote by DelDOT was taken to approve the placement of five speed humps in the community. This initiative was approved with a 77 percent affirmative vote. DelDOT has acknowledged the problem and has funded this project.

On weekends and holidays during the summer of 2019, traffic backed up on Fenwick Boulevard from Old Mill Bridge Road by the Swann Cove West clubhouse. There are two clubhouses with pools located on Fenwick Boulevard. This heavy traffic puts our children at risk. These backups also caused gridlocks, and many Swann Cove residents were unable to leave their homes.

Until DelDOT does something about accessing Route 54 to travel east from Old Mill Bridge Road, this problem will continue and only get worse. Therefore, as a homeowner and representative of the 350 homeowners in the Swann Cove community, I ask that you add no more communities along Old Mill Bridge Road that will add to this massive problem until a new traffic impact study is completed. DelDOT needs to address the intersection of Old Mill Road and Route 54, and work on a viable solution to turning east. Thank you for your attention.

Lynn Wivell, Board Member
Swann Cove Homeowners Association