Letter: Steele responds to previous letter


Mr. Wolfe responds to my letter saying that I was “demonstrably wrong” on a few points. Apparently, there were a lot, because he said he would “discuss the worst of them.”

I stated that we are in the second lowest decade, since 1850, for intensity of hurricanes. My source is from the founder of NOAA and the Hurricane Center. His source is Wikipedia, but he states a different statistic. He is using the “List of costliest Atlantic Hurricanes from recent storms being seriously worse than four decades ago.”

Of course they are, because there are more people living along the coast and they are building bigger and bigger houses. Just look at what is going around me, two old houses from the early ’40s are torn down and much bigger houses are being built, plus a new one over 6,000 square feet across the street.

My point about DMI is that it follows past history of those climate alarmists who have previously overstated the effects of global warming, oops, climate change, oops, climate emergency. Examples: East Anglia University, hiding emails about their manipulations of computer models, Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick” manipulations and the IPCC eliminated the long accepted Medieval Warm Period, when temperatures were higher then than they are today.

Read Christopher Booker’s, “The Real Global Warming Disaster: Is the Obsession with ‘Climate Change’ Turning Out to be the Most Costly Blunder in History?” available from Telegraph Books. One more example of the alarmist on the left: Dr. Paul Ehrlich telling us that by 1970 and 1980s we would have a worldwide famine!

One of my points in my last letter is that we do not know how the effects of natural disasters change our climate. I admit that the earth could be getting warmer, but is it all our fault? How do volcanoes, sunspots, the earth’s oscillations around the sun and/ or forest fires affect our climate?

One last point: There is no clean energy, the energy of your car, wind turbines or solar panels may be “clean,” but go to the other end, how was it generated, how was the structure created? Where were the materials or how did they get the materials to build your “clean energy” turbine? Tons and tons of dirt, digging and mining generated by hydrocarbon machines were used to fabricate your “clean energy machine!” How did you transport that material to the manufacturing plant to create your “clean energy?” Where are you going to dispose of your worn out non-renewable turbine or solar cell?

Just a few thoughts!

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach