Letter: Reader wants mass effort of kindness


I can no longer sit back and be horrified at the behaviors and words of some of our leaders and fellow citizens. I have to do something! What can I do as a 61-year-old retired teacher and grandmother? After reading the NYT article about Alyssa Milano, “They’re in for Something” (Sunday Styles Section, October 27, 2019), I had an epiphany. Let’s start a groundswell that kindness and truth matter in the upcoming election.

During the next few years, our country will have to confront many issues regarding healthcare, education, immigration, gun control, environment, infrastructure, and that is just the short list. Become informed, get involved and vote your conscience Nov. 2, 2020. Part of that vote, in addition to the candidate’s stand on issues, consider their honesty and integrity. Are they kind in word and deed? Are they honest?

Political party, race, religion or sexual preference are inconsequential when placed up against a concern for the future of our world and humanity. Let’s choose the thoughtful vote. Make the 2020 election about traits that are of significance to each citizen that will impact our world and ultimately guide our future.

Maya Angelou said, “When people show you who they are, believe them…” A candidate’s chosen words express who they are; we need to search for both words and actions that demonstrate truth and kindness.

Let’s choose candidates that are the best examples of compassion and honesty. If we are able to elect someone that is at heart, compassionate and leads with integrity, we will have an amazing platform to begin the arduous task of tackling our country’s serious needs. This is who we are, let’s #votekind2020.

Karen Thommes Hinman
Bethany Beach