Reddington readies for Ocean View mayoral run

John Reddington, a retired foreign-service officer, is the first in 2020 to announce his candidacy for mayor of Ocean View.

He said he plans to file as a candidate on Friday, Jan. 31, the first day candidates are eligible, for the seat now held by Mayor Walter Curran, who said he won’t seek election to any office this year. The town council election will be in April.

“I’ve had a number of people encourage me to run. I didn’t give it a whole lot of thought until six or seven months ago. A lot of people within the town asked me, and then I gave it some thought. I was president of the Bear Trap homeowners’ association for a few years. It’s one of the largest developments,” said Reddington, 72, a full-time resident of Ocean View since 2012.

Bear Trap, he said, has approximately 700 homes and accounts for about a third of the town’s population.

“Walter has done a terrific job being mayor and been able to bring consensus within the town on how to manage the town, and I’d like to use my experience to continue in some of the things he was involved in. I believe in a balanced budget. I don’t think that every program that you would like to introduce into a town requires a higher tax. I’m in favor of public safety and ensuring that Ocean View continues to be the safest town in the Delaware,” Reddington said.

After retiring from work as a diplomat, Reddington owned a company.

“I spent 14 years representing the U.S. government in foreign governments, trying to solve trade disputes,” he said.

Now retired, he volunteers and portrayed Santa Claus at the Town of Ocean View’s holiday event in December.

A native of the Boston area, he has been volunteering at the Ocean View Police Department for five years. Police Chief Ken McLaughlin, when he spoke at a Bear Trap HOA meeting, discussed the importance of volunteers at the police department and praised them for their help.

“Even though I didn’t have a police background, I thought maybe I could do something,” Reddington said.

“As for playing Santa — I don’t quite fill out the suit. The suit is rather big,” he said, laughing.

“It’s a lot of fun. I wrote a letter to the editor for Coastal Point and signed it Santa Claus, about how much fun it was, looking at the kids’ faces and hearing their funny little stories,” Reddington said.

He and his wife, Mary, have two children and six grandchildren.

By Susan Canfora
Staff Reporter