Millsboro officials offer hints of town’s future

About 75 people attended Millsboro’s first town hall-style meeting, discussing topics on the minds of residents, including bringing more restaurants with table service to town.

“There was definitely a good vibe overall. There was a nice rapport between Mayor Michelle Truitt and town officials. It seemed like a good back-and-forth. People were generally positive,” Millsboro Town Manager Sheldon Hudson said about the meeting, held on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

He, Police Chief Brian Calloway and Director of Public Works Kenny Niblett formed a panel and answered questions with the mayor.

“There was a nice variety of attendees from all parts of town, a nice cross-section. Some people are new to the area, and there were also faces we recognized. I certainly praise the mayor for hosting the event. It was the first since I have been with the Town,” Hudson said.

“People asked, ‘Can we get anything besides fast food?’ We all tried to explain there’s a method — it’s like a pyramid. Quick-service restaurants like Jersey Mike’s are a really good sign of what may be coming down the pike. The Landing Bar & Grille, the restaurant at Plantation Lakes, is open to the public. Grotto Pizza is coming. And we’re trying to build on that,” Hudson said.

“A lot of it is people want to understand… A town can’t just snap its fingers and businesses come. A lot of it is explaining what the town has done and what the town will be doing.

“Government transparency is very important,” he added. “The police department got a couple rounds of applause and maybe a standing ovation at one point, so it was very positive,” Hudson said.

Earlier, Truitt said she had decided to host a town hall-style meeting after listening to public comments at regular town council meetings.

“It crossed my mind that maybe they want to ask other questions about projects we’re doing or they are interested in. I thought, ‘Let’s reserve a night and they can ask,’” said Truitt, appointed mayor in July last year, succeeding Mayor John Thoroughgood.

“I know roads has been an issue. Most of our roads are state-maintained, and we have talked with DelDOT many times about certain projects,” she said, referring to the Delaware Department of Transportation.

“Our sidewalk project, you will see that get done. We are trying to do more with recycled water. We’ve been in touch with the Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control, DNREC, about having reclaimed water go out to farms in hopes of expanding that program.

“With town hall and downtown revitalization, we are trying to improve downtown sidewalks, and we are going to move town hall downtown. We should be doing more work on the library, making basic repairs. The Town will foot the bill for that,” Truitt explained.

Truitt said she will host regular town hall meetings but isn’t yet sure how often they will be.


By Susan Canfora
Staff Reporter