Fire & Ice brought fun, business to winter season


January can be somewhat difficult around here.

Though we generally have mild winters, it’s still cold out and it turns dark before many of us leave work for the day. If you’re young and single, there isn’t a whole lot of nightlife in the area, especially when compared to the summer months. And even though we still have brilliant walking paths and a stunning ocean to go out and visit, it’s not really the same as it is the rest of the year, is it?

Of course, if you’re a hunter, disregard all of this. You are in your element right now.

But Januarys are kind of tough. And they can be very tough on local businesses. Mamy have to make very difficult decisions over staying open for the winter or not, and if they close or do stay open, there is less revenue because there are less people. It makes it difficult.

So, events like last weekend’s Fire & Ice Festival, organized by the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, are more than welcomed — by area residents and business owners, alike. 

Many of us in the office ran into each other at different locations over the weekend, excited to have something fun to do with our families in the winter. We ran into a ton of you, too. It felt like many of us escaped our self-imposed winter hibernations to get out and explore for a bit.

And it was nice seeing the businesses have customers. 

Thank you to the Chamber, the participating businesses and towns, and visitors to the event for a fun winter weekend.