Determination and a just cause can go a long way

We are big fans of hope. And we also admire determination and focus. When you combine hope with determination and focus, well, you can pretty much accomplish anything.

Local restaurateur Al Casapulla embodies this concept, not only with his undeniable skill at building a business and being a generous member of the community, but also with his quest to help those who can’t always help themselves — in this case, dogs. 

Casapulla sadly lost his beloved dog, Maggie, in December 2016. The reported cause of death? Over-vaccinating.

Casapulla said that Maggie had suffered for more than a year before succumbing to her sickness. As one might guess, it was a gut-wrenching ordeal for Maggie, as well as the family that only wanted to give her love and a safe home.

Heart-sick, Casapulla researched this problem and found Dr. John Robb, a Connecticut veterinarian who insists on vaccinating dogs by dosing them according to their specific size instead of a one-dose-fits-all model others had practiced. Casapulla and Robb became allies, and Casapulla pushed for Delaware to adopt a law that accepts “a blood test, or a titer,” explained Casapulla. This can prevent dogs from being over-vaccinated and, ultimately, killed.

Well, the law was passed in January, making Delaware the first state in the nation with a bill like this. There’s no telling how many dogs this could save in the future.

And it happened out of hope, determination and focus.