Night to Shine is a night to embrace love, service


There is so much to digest when pondering Ocean View Church of Christ’s recent Night to Shine event.

We can start with the beautiful acts of kindness displayed by so many others in the community, putting out their best efforts to give others a remarkable experience. Or there is the generosity by so many, with businesses giving goods and services to make it a special night. There is the church, donating a safe space; police and first-responders, giving their time and jumping into the festivities; and parents and grandparents, enjoying watching their loved ones be treated like kings and queens.

For now, let’s focus on that concept of love.

It takes an extraordinary amount of love for one another for a community to go all-out for a one-night-a-year event, but it has become a tradition here in only a few short years. Why? Love. Good people love one another and want to do selfless things for others — particularly when those who are the recipients of such efforts are so worthy of love and support. 

The Night to Shine has been a huge success because people desperately want to help. To volunteer. To contribute somehow to a cause that is so pure and beyond reproach is something we can all get behind. There are no questions as to the motivation of the event. There are no unfounded, or documented, allegations of misdeeds or unworthy causes.

There is love. Pure, unadulterated love.

We thank those who work so hard to make this a landmark event for the community, and those so deserving of the efforts.