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No election to be held in Frankford this year

The Town of Frankford will not hold an annual municipal election this year, as only the incumbents for the two open seats filed to run. As of the Jan. 13 filing deadline only Council President Joanne Bacon and Councilman Greg Welch had filed.

Penny for your thoughts? How about 298,745?

Ours is an ever-changing world.

Admittedly, that has been the case for quite some time. Cavemen eventually found fire and created wall-etching pornography, the Romans used concrete to build aqueducts and pave roads and the fine people at the J.M. Smucker Company brought us Goober — that brilliant combination of peanut butter and jelly that is housed in a single jar.

Guest Column – Some foreign policy problems are awaiting Trump

Critical to United States foreign policy will be issues that Russia and China pose for the new incoming Trump administration. Russia, recently, has deployed 225,000 troops, military equipment and missiles to the enclave of Kaliningrad, between Lithuania and Poland, which the U. S. has characterized as “destabilizing.”

Catherine’s Quilting offers modern finish for age-old art form

Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Catherine Peterson grins at her family's new Selbyville quilt shop, where she helps finish new quilts and restore old ones.Coastal Point photos • Tyler Valliant: Catherine Peterson grins at her family's new Selbyville quilt shop, where she helps finish new quilts and restore old ones.Quilting may be an old art, but Catherine’s Quilting uses technology to transform the basic craft into a finished heirloom piece. Catherine and Tim Peterson just recently opened their quilt shop on Church Street in downtown Selbyville.

Quilting can be a very personal craft, whether it’s a long-term labor of love by a group of friends, or maybe one woman, perhaps given for a wedding or baby gift. Whether hand-stitched in centuries past, or by a machine today, each scrap is carefully pieced together for a grander masterpiece.

Catherine’s Quilting helps with the final steps, attaching the thick batting, which transforms a decorative sheet into a cozy blanket for the home.

Civil War Profiles – January: The Civil War’s cruelest month

Maj. Gen. Ambrose Everett Burnside commanded the Union Army of the Potomac from late 1862 until early 1863 and presided over the disaster that occurred at Fredericksburg, Va., on Dec. 13, 1862. Formidable Rebel positions on Marye’s Heights repulsed repeated Union assaults, resulting in the death or wounding of nearly 13,000 Northern soldiers.

Tripple Overtime: IR's Marcozzi, Central's Hudson highlight sports greatest paradox

It’s Schrödinger’s cat. Nobody going to a restaurant because it’s too crowded. Pretty much every major plot point in the 1985 American science-fiction adventure-comedy “Back to the Future.”

IR wrestling team starts 7-0

Team posts wins at Rebel Duals, against Wilmington Christian

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Senior Jared Arlett wrestles his way to an 8-0 major decision after jumping up two weight classes to 145 on Jan. 20.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Senior Jared Arlett wrestles his way to an 8-0 major decision after jumping up two weight classes to 145 on Jan. 20.While invitational tournaments may be winding down for the Indian River High School wrestling team, dual meets are just starting to gear up.

Whether they need an RSVP or not, however, the Indians have been continuing to rack up the wins.

That’s exactly what they did while hosting their first home dual-meet of the season on Thursday, Jan. 12, rolling Wilmington Christian School 66-9, to move to 2-0.

“There were definitely some bonus points that we left out there,” said IR head coach Jeff Windish after the match. “We’ve got some work to do to clean that kind of stuff up, but a win’s a win, so the coaching staff is pleased.”

The Indians jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead when freshman Chris Saylor went out at 106 and managed a pin in just 49 seconds.

Streak snapped!

IR hoops back on track with 52-40 win over Laurel

Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: IR junior guard Patrick Mumford drives down the court up against Laurel's Brandon Faulk on Friday.Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: IR junior guard Patrick Mumford drives down the court up against Laurel's Brandon Faulk on Friday.It had been more than a month since the Indian River High School boys’ basketball team had managed a win.

While winter break was a factor, the Indians were still riding a three-game losing streak, after starting the season 4-0, when they hosted then-5-2 Laurel on Friday, Jan. 13.

But Friday the 13th superstitions aside, that’s a streak that they’d finally snap in front of a packed house at the Indian River High School gymnasium, taking down the Bulldogs 52-40, to improve to 5-3 overall and 2-3 in the Henlopen South.

“We had to pull this one out,” said sophomore guard Jamier Felton after the game. “This game was important to us after losing the last three.”

IR soccer boosters calling all alumni for ‘The Mixer’

There’s no question that both the boys’ and girls’ soccer programs at Indian River High School have had a lot to celebrate over the years. Over the course of the past five years alone, the boys’ team has made it four state title games and won it all twice, with the girls making school history with back-to-back title appearances in 2015 and 2016 themselves.

Extra Points – January 20, 2016

‘Body Slam ALS’ set for Saturday at Frankford fire hall

The Frankford fire hall will be the site of a WWE-style “Royal Rumble” this Saturday, Jan. 21, when Tim Hill of Bethany Beach’s Wilgus Associates and array of pro wrestlers — including WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana — get set to put on a show to benefit the Ten Mile Miracle charity.

Fenwick's new town manager charmed by beach living

Teresa 'Terry' TiemanTeresa 'Terry' TiemanFenwick Island’s new town manager is bringing with her decades of experience. Teresa “Terry” Tieman will arrive at town hall on Jan. 23, having already won multiple awards in her five-plus years as Harrington’s city manager and 23 years as a senior city administrator in Dover.

“She’s got a really good background we’re excited about,” said Fenwick Mayor Gene Langan. “She has about 28 years of municipal government experience.”

Coming from the City of Harrington, Tieman (“TEE-man”) has a master’s degree in business administration. In Harrington, she said, her biggest impact was capital improvements to infrastructure and improved billing. Tieman won the 2015 City Manager of the Year award from the Delaware League of Local Governments.

In Dover, she did billing, collections, budgeting and new-project planning. She has also worked alongside, but not necessarily above, Harrington’s police chief.

Council discusses development change

The Town of Ocean View this week held the first reading of an ordinance to amend a condition for the residential planned community of Ocean View Beach Club.

In 2016, Windansea LLC, the developer of the Ocean View Beach Club, requested to amend a condition that was placed on the property when it was annexed into the town in 2007.

Cusick out, as South Bethany seeks new town manager

The Town of South Bethany is looking for a new leader for Town Hall.

After an executive-session meeting on Jan. 9, the town council voted to terminate the contract of Mel Cusick, ending his tenure with the Town of more than decade. He left that day, officials said.

Mayor Pat Voveris did not give further details into the departure, citing it as a personnel issue.

Feds deny seismic testing permits for Atlantic Ocean

It’s Part Two in a major victory for those concerned about the impact of fossil fuel exploration on a clean, healthy Atlantic Ocean. Seismic testing has been banned in the U.S.’s Atlantic Ocean waters, for now.

Selbyville fair is ‘Just for the Health of It!’

Let’s get this new year started right!

That’s the message behind Selbyville Public Library’s upcoming health fair, Just for the Health of It! Scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 14, the event will run like an open house or trade fair. The public can come and go, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Frankford Town Council discusses move, audit, drugs

Frankford officials are hoping to move all Town offices into the nearby former J.P. Court building at the beginning of March.

At its regular monthly meeting on Jan. 9, the Frankford Town Council said the move would be relatively inexpensive, as there is minimal work to be done and the building is “really set up well.” If the Town cannot move in by March 1, they hope to do so by April 1.

County introduces ordinance to update drainage, roads

At its Jan. 10 council meeting, the Sussex County Council introduced an ordinance amendment related to drainage, road standards, project closeouts, project bonding and clarification of fees.

Assistant Sussex County Attorney Vince Robertson told council that the proposed ordinance has been in the works for a number of years.

Millville council votes to increase state police coverage

Local crime maps show uptick in incidents

Although summer is the busy season for the area, it appears that local crime increased this past autumn. As a result, police coverage will also increase in Millville. The town council voted this week to hire Delaware State Police troopers for up to 20 hours per week.

Fluoride, plowing and towing up for discussion in Selbyville

Parents be aware: Fluoride is not currently being added to Selbyville town water. The Town was given an exemption until their new water plant comes online.

Typically, local water plants must add fluoride as a public service to help strengthen children’s teeth. Families without fluoridated water may wish to discuss fluoride tablets with their children’s dentist.

Sussex Countians preparing to join Women’s March

On the new presidential administration’s first full day in Washington, D.C., thousands of women, men and children will be descending on the nation’s capital to march in support of equality and women’s rights.

The national website for the Women’s March on Washington explains the event’s mission as a way to “stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.”

It was born out of an election-night Facebook post that “went viral” overnight, and Angela Anacay, the state leader for the march’s Delaware chapter, credited the momentum to the original poster — a grandmother named Teresa Shook.

Agenda – January 13, 2016

Bethany Beach

• The Charter & Ordinance Review Committee meeting set for Jan. 9 was canceled.

• Bethany Beach Town Hall will be closed on Monday, Jan. 16, for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Coastal towns find strength in numbers

In coastal Delaware, it’s time to ACT up.

Perhaps a decade has passed since the coastal towns came together in an official alliance. But the Association of Coastal Towns (ACT) is re-forming, with Bethany Beach, South Bethany and Fenwick Island already in on the ACT.

Is there anything at all that we can agree on?

Judging by the responses by people on my social media feeds Tuesday night, President Barack Obama’s “farewell” speech that evening was either, (a) a reminder that Obama and his family have been wonderful representatives of all that is good in the world, and champions of hope for the future, or, (b) Obama is a foreign-born agent of terrorists who has been diseasing our nation from the inside since the day the doctor smacked his backside.

Guest Column – ACE director talks homelessness in 2017 Delaware

Every day in Southern Delaware, I work in the trenches and on the front lines of poverty, fear, homelessness, loneliness, isolation, addiction and mental illness.

Letters to the Editor — January 13, 2016

Reader wants to see changes in IRSD


President-elect Donald Trump has nominated a new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos. What does she know about the public education system? The question has been raised “if she has ever stepped inside a public school.”

Birding weekend for all nature lovers

Monthly birding events highlight area wildlife

For the people who love hearing a great horned owl hoot eerily at dusk, or watching a great blue heron chow down on an unlucky fish: Humans and birds are flying toward the Delmarva Peninsula for the same reason — the winter migration.

Civil War Profiles – ‘You’re in the Army Now,’ Mr. Locke

Eufaula, Ala., native William Herrod Locke wrote his wife from Fort Barrancus near Pensacola, Fla., on May 10, 1861, that he anticipated combat against Federal troops would soon begin. Locke was a member of a militia unit the Eufaula Minute Men.

Tripple Overtime: Cubs visiting White House for Obama’s last week

(And other presidents who did stuff like that)

I remember the last week of school: Getting to use your “senior privileges” to go off-campus for lunch instead of having to stomach whatever Miss Debbie was serving up in the cafeteria that day. Getting to watch the movie “Boiler Room” in economics class instead of having to learn about, like, actual economics. The way how, for the first time in all your 18 years of being a person, it was cool to just do nothing for once.

Home-pool advantage?

Indians, Golden Knights go wall-to-wall in annual swim rivalry

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: The Indians and Golden Knights went head to head in a rivalry meet at Howard T. Ennis in Georgetown on Thursday, Jan. 5.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: The Indians and Golden Knights went head to head in a rivalry meet at Howard T. Ennis in Georgetown on Thursday, Jan. 5.It was hard to decide which was the home team when the Indian River and Sussex Central high school swim teams faced off at Howard T. Ennis in Georgetown on Thursday, Jan. 6. With both squads sharing the pool at Howard T. Ennis for home meets and often for practices, they certainly know each other well.

And, while the Indians may have gotten the best of this year’s matchup, with a 111-57 win for the boys and 92-74 win for the girls, the annual district rivalry is one to which, win or lose, both teams always look forward.

“It’s always very friendly; our teams get along really well,” said IR head coach Colin Crandell, who works with Central head coach Jeff Kilner on the Middlesex Beach Patrol in the summer. “It’s one of those environments where it’s real cooperative. We both tell each other what we’re seeing on the other team.”

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