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Stay hydrated while exercising in the summer heat

With summer and increased air temperature days approaching, it is important to learn how to safely exercise and be active outdoors. Common strategies include: Better choices for what to wear, exercise intensity consciousness and timing, and having water or hydration fluids readily available.

How sleep, or lack of it, affects our health

Having a good night’s sleep is very important. If you are not sleeping well, or are not rested in the morning, seek help. You may have a sleep disorder that can be treated. Treatment of sleep disorders may help you manage your chronic diseases better, and may improve your health and longevity.

About 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems.

Don’t add a trip to the emergency department this vacation

Summer means tens of thousands of people are visiting Delaware beaches. They are strolling on the boardwalk and spreading out in the sand with towels, chairs and umbrellas. The Delaware beaches offer a summer playground with the ocean waters bringing relief from the sun’s sweltering rays. Yet, the power of the waves and tides also poses serious health and safety risks.

Things we love – June 17, 2016

Coastal Point Staff

Summer has arrived — unofficially, at least— with the Memorial Day weekend, as it does every year. And that change of seasons and the seasonal nature of the resort area brings to mind all those little things (and some not-so-little ones) that Coastal Point staff members have discovered and come to love as locals growing up in the area and as visitors who have now made the area our home. And we’re going to share them with you each week, right here in the Coastal Point.

Pet preparations to take during tropical storm season

Tropical storm season is upon us again. It runs from June 1 through Nov. 31, but after that, it is time for the winter storms. So, basically, if you live around here, it is best to just always be prepared for possible flooding, power outages and evacuations. And, if you own a pet, you should make preparations for them, too.

RELYance, Get Well Gabby team up for June 18 Skim A Thon

Coastal Point • Submitted: Ryan McLaughlin won a new skimboard from Exile after raising the most funds at last year’s Skim A Thon.Coastal Point • Submitted: Ryan McLaughlin won a new skimboard from Exile after raising the most funds at last year’s Skim A Thon.On Saturday, June 18, not only can local residents learn how to skimboard, they can help fight childhood cancer while they do.

Back again at the Delaware Sea Shore State Park is the Skim A Thon for Childhood Cancer, organized by Carolynn Vogel and the Get Well Gabby Foundation, in honor of her daughter Gabby Vogel, who passed away at the age of 5 after a battle with cancer.

“Basically, we’re looking for community support to be able to support the community,” said Vogel, noting that since Get Well Gabby’s inception, the fund has donated $98,000 to the A.I. duPont Hospital for Children’s Oncology Unit.

After promising a grant of $125,000 to go toward building a dedicated playroom in the Oncology Unit, a new electronic medical record system and supporting local families afflicted by cancer, Vogel said they’re hoping to fulfill that promise by the end of the summer.

Bethany, Sea Colony farmers’ markets ready to start

The Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market and the Farmers’ Market at Sea Colony are set to reopen June 12 and 15, respectively, sharing many of the same growers in a producers-only showcase of local fruits, vegetables and flowers.

American Wetlands Month features research, special programs

This month, DNREC is observing American Wetlands Month with ongoing efforts to restore wetlands, raise awareness of their values and benefits, and encourage actions to protect them.

Annual Youth Fishing Tournament set for June 4

As part of their activities for National Fishing & Boating Week (June 4-12), Division of Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police will hold their 30th Annual Delaware Youth Fishing Tournament from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, June 4, at Ingrams Pond in Millsboro, Wyoming Pond in Wyoming and at the dog training area of Lums Pond State Park in Bear.

Beebe offers CPR classes for consumers and medical professionals

The American Heart Association (AHA) has reported that, each year, more than 735,000 people in the United States suffer a heart attack. Of those, about 120,000 die.

Coastal Delaware Running Festival raises funds for local groups

Dewey Beach and the surrounding beach communities recently hosted the weekend-long festivities of the 2nd Annual Coastal Delaware Running Festival.

Skim a Thon for Childhood Cancer scheduled for June 18

The second Skim a Thon for Childhood Cancer will be held on Saturday, June 18, at Delaware Seashore State Park’s Tower Road Beach, south of Dewey Beach. The event will begin at 10 a.m. and run until 3 p.m.

Ornish program helps Dagsboro woman undo her heart disease

“I have always been active and exercised regularly — that’s why it was such a surprise when I passed out for no apparent reason in 2014,” said Wilma Petenbrink, 68, of Dagsboro. “I fell and fractured my spine when I passed out, but throughout my spine treatment, neither I nor my doctor could determine why I’d passed out in the first place.”

Plant-focused foods to star at Rehoboth Beach VegFest

Rehoboth Beach VegFest, an annual celebration of green, kind and sustainable living, is set for the weekend of June 10-12. The centerpiece of the weekend is the free outdoor festival on Saturday, June 11, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Epworth Church off Coastal Highway in Lewes. Rehoboth VegFest offers everything from raw green smoothies and juices to vegan soul food.

Botanic Gardens adds two new board members

The Delaware Botanic Gardens board of directors has elected two new members, Ruth Rogers Clausen and Janet Meenehan Point. The additions bring to 10 the number of board members who are working to open the garden along Pepper Creek in Dagsboro. An Advisory Council adds a dozen professionals to the project’s expertise.

Beebe announces Nursing Excellence Award recipients

Beebe Healthcare recently congratulated its Nursing Excellence Award recipients and recognized May 6-12 as National Nurses Week.

“Beebe Healthcare is proud to celebrate the role our nurses play in delivering the highest level of quality and patient experience for patients,” said Jeffrey M. Fried, president and CEO, Beebe Healthcare.

Bayhealth presents plans for new health campus near Milford

Representatives from the Bayhealth Foundation spoke before the Sussex County Council earlier this week to review plans for a new Bayhealth hospital. The new health complex would be located near Milford, off of Route 1 at the new Route 30 overpass, on the corner of Cedar Creek and Wilkins Road, on an approximately 165-acre campus.

Local CHEER centers celebrating Older Americans Month

In 1963, the U.S. began to recognize the contributions of older people by using the month of May to celebrate Older Americans Month (OAM). Led by the Administration for Community Living, the annual observance offers the opportunity to learn about, support and celebrate the nation’s older citizens.

Create nautical flag art at Delaware Seashore State Park

The International Code of Signals is a system of signals that mariners use to communicate messages between vessels, typically regarding safety and navigation. The surfmen of the United States Life-Saving Service likely used the code on a regular basis.

IRHS BPA, FFA to host color-run fundraiser June 11

The students of the Indian River High School Business Professionals of America (BPA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA) will walk, jog and run to raise funds for the school, which is introducing a program called My School Color Run (MSCR).

Wildlife-area visitors asked to respect state’s natural resources

With the arrival of spring weather, Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources Police are increasing patrols and monitoring state wildlife areas, fishing piers, public boat launching facilities and multi-use areas for visitor safety and compliance, as well as checking for illegal activity, such as vandalism, littering, dumping and damaging wildlife habitat.

Coastal Kayak to host fundraisers May 22, June 19

Coastal Kayak of Fenwick Island will be host two more fundraisers for two local charities this summer: Cancer Support Community and Delaware Audubon Society.

Is your hip snapping at you?

Snapping hip syndrome may sound funny, but it’s no laughing matter. Its real name is coxa sultans, and some call it dancer’s hip — but don’t let the nickname fool you: Many people who stay physically active are at risk for snapping hip syndrome.

Baywood Golf Classic to raise funds for Tunnell Cancer Center patients

The 11th Annual Baywood Golf Classic will take place on Wednesday, June 1, at the championship golf course of Baywood Greens. The event raises funds for Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center, furthering the mission of providing hope and wellness to its patients.

Community urged to ‘take back’ unwanted medications

This weekend, a number of area police departments will be taking part in the National Prescription Drug Take-Back initiative, conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Drug Enforcement Administration.

Don’t ignore gardening pains. It could signal something worse

Most people do not head for the garden planning to finish the day with aches and pains or a serious injury. Tending flowers, trimming bushes, planting a new tree, and even mowing the lawn can be considered a way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. For the gardener, nothing is more satisfying than stepping back and seeing how beautiful it all is.

Coastal Kayak offering three fundraiser paddles this summer

Coastal Kayak of Fenwick Island has planned three fundraisers for local charities for the summer of 2016.

IRHS BPA, FFA to host color-run fundraiser

The students of the Indian River High School Business Professionals of America (BPA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA) will walk, jog and run to raise funds for the school, which is introducing a program called My School Color Run (MSCR).

IRHS BPA, FFA to host color-run fundraiser

The students of the Indian River High School Business Professionals of America (BPA) and Future Farmers of America (FFA) will walk, jog and run to raise funds for the school, which is introducing a program called My School Color Run (MSCR).

Pet Corner: Families flock to backyard chickens and ducks

Families flock to chickensFamilies flock to chickensIt’s that time of year again… Baby chicks and ducks! If you go into many of the farm feed stores around this time of year, you will likely see a warm red light and hear a lot of cheeping. It is the time of year that the farm feed stores get in their baby chicks and ducks that they offer for sale. Many people in this area have what are commonly called “backyard flocks.”

Now, don’t go running to your local Southern States or Tractor Supply to get yourself a few chicks. One — many of them are sold out of them almost as soon as they come in, and two, they don’t make great house pets.

(Yes, another thing I know from experience — we actually hatched eggs in my suburban Maryland home when my sisters and I were kids. Fortunately, we had a friend who had a small farm and wanted our University of Maryland fancy chickens. All two dozen of them!)

They do make great outdoor pets. They love to eat bugs. They can become quite friendly. They will follow you around the yard. They will dig up your mulch and throw it out of your once-lovely flower beds. (OK — so that’s a downside.)

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