Indian River School District

IRSD schools 'superior'

After being rated as “commendable” last year, Phillip C. Showell Elementary School regained “superior” status when the state released its ratings Aug. 2, about two weeks after the release of the 2006 Delaware Student Testing Program scores were released on July 20.

Indian River students rates among the state's best

Improvements and accomplishments in the reading and math portions of the Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) highlighted Indian River School District’s 2006 scores, which were released July 20.

IRSD prayer suit draws plenty of attention

Nearly two years after the Jewish Dobrich family complained about Indian River School District’s religiously “exclusive” environment, bloggers, civil rights organizations and discussion forums on the Internet have cast a national spotlight on the First Amendment case the Dobriches filed in federal court in early 2005.

School district's Owen taking on state job

Indian River School District Personnel Director Michael Owens will leave the district at the end of this month and take a job with the Delaware Department of Education, he told the Coastal Point.
Owens will serve as the Associate Secretary of Education for Adult Education and Workforce Development under Secretary of Education Valerie Woodruff.

IR School Board approves prayer policy revisions

Indian River School Board voted on Tuesday to revise policies regarding prayer at graduation and religion in schools. The policies were originally adopted on Oct. 19, 2004, after hearing complaints from a local Jewish family.

School board to discuss religion policy

The policies regarding prayer at graduations and religion in school that were adopted by the Indian River School Board on Oct. 19, 2004, after they heard complaints from a Jewish family, might be amended next week.

Gosselin, case in discovery phase of suit

When Indian River School District’s insurer sued the district in mid-April for legal fees accumulated after the board denied a proposed settlement in the Dobrich/Doe prayer suit, district officials hired Jason Gosselin — a Philadelphia lawyer whose practice focuses mainly on insurance suits — to represent them in the case.

Board prayer allowed with settlement

A settlement offered by the plaintiffs in the Dobrich/Doe prayer suit and denied unanimously by the Indian River School board on Feb. 27 would have allowed board members to continue opening monthly meetings with a prayer, a board member and two other sources close to the case told the Coastal Point.

IR class of 2006 graduates

A prideful crowd filled the Indian River High School gym Monday night, waving graduation brochures toward their faces to cool down and cheering loudly for each of Indian River’s 167 graduates. The 2006 graduating class was the first to graduate in the new high school, the gym of which they packed to capacity on Monday. And everyone in attendance had something, or someone, to be proud of.

Odyssesy of the Mind team best in the world

After finishing second last year, the Indian River School District’s elementary school Odyssey of the Mind (OM) team won a world championship in Iowa over the weekend.

School district passes it 2007 budget

Since December, Indian River School District Finance Director Patrick Miller and the Finance Committee have worked on the district’s 2007 fiscal-year budget with one major concern: energy.

Students get extra day of leisure

Indian River students will get a couple extra days off next school year, to help teachers reach professional development requirements set by the state. But they won’t lose any “instruction” time, according to Nina Lou Bunting, the school board member who presented next year’s calendar to the school board at their April meeting.

Bireley keeps board seat

Hughes defeats Laird for District 3 seat

Nearly 2,400 people voted in the election for the District 4 seat on the Indian River School Board, overshadowing turnout for the other local election and any other district election in history.

Incumbent Charles Bireley defeated challenger Jackie Wilson by a vote of 1337-1033 in what is believed to be a record turnout for an Indian River school board election.

Four candidates vie for two seats

Amid controversy surrounding the prayer suit facing the Indian River School Board, two local board members will seek re-election on Tuesday.

IRSD School Board election

Four candidates are battling for two seats on the Indian River School District School Board in the May 9 election. We offered the candidates an opportunity to discuss their views.

District 3
Randall Hughes

Q: Why are you running for the board and how are you qualified?

School board hires new legal help

Rutherford Institute's Neuberger dismissed

The Indian River School Board’s legal team changed twice this week.

On Tuesday, the board voted unanimously to hire attorney Jason Gosselin from the Philadelphia law firm Drinker, Biddle and Reath to represent the board on the lawsuit filed by its insurer last month.

IRSD promotes from within for superintendnt job

After 28 years of service to the Indian River School District, Dr. Susan Bunting has been handed its leading role. At a special board meeting on Monday, the school board members voted unanimously to select the current district director of instruction as its new superintendent.

IR grad to be celebrated at fundraiser

Indian River High School grad Kent McCullough, class of 1988, is no longer with us, but through the efforts of his family and friends to save others from McCullough’s fate, his spirit lives on.

McCullough succumbed to melanoma — a deadly and increasingly common form of skin cancer — on Feb. 9, 2006. But his wife, Kim, isn’t taking McCullough’s death sitting down.

IRSD facing second suit over prayer case

Rejected settlement stipulations would restrict district’s use of religious designations

New information emerged this week on the legal woes of the Indian River School Board. Not only is the board now facing another lawsuit, but an enforced silencein the original case regarding religious issues in the district was lifted, revealing some of the terms of a proposed settlement that the board rejected in late February.

Indian River students organize benefit

On Monday, music will resonate through the Indian River High School Auditorium and students will walk a runway, modeling clothes donated by area businesses.

District residents approve referendum

Indian River School District Director of Business and Finance Patrick Miller admitted that he had some concerns. For weeks, the district had held more than a dozen meetings to educate the public on issues surrounding its March 28 referendum. Unfortunately, hardly anyone attended.

Students working overtime at Indian River

Soon, Indian River School District students might get more half-days and might not have to make up days in school missed because of snow, ice or fog. In a presentation made to the district’s board of education on Tuesday, Gary Brittingham said that district students attend school for more hours than is required by the state.

IRSD referendum all set for Tuesday

Patrick Miller — the director of business and finance for the Indian River School District — has noticed something worrisome in the last couple of weeks. In the final push toward the district’s Tuesday, March 28 referendum, the school board and district employees have held more than a dozen meetings to peak public interest.

IRSD test scores bring optimism

Results from the 2005 Delaware Student Testing Program (DSTP) tests in science and social studies for fourth- and sixth-grade students were returned about two weeks ago. They showed that Indian River School District students continue to make progress and stay well above most state averages.

Wilson files for school board seat

Jacquelyn Wilson knows as much about the Indian River School District as anyone. She started her extensive education career as a paraprofessional at Lord Baltimore Elementary School. After graduating from college she worked as a teacher in the district. Wilson then served as an assistant principal and principal at Lord Baltimore before leaving to work for the Delaware Department of Education.

Miller presents referendum plan to board

In 2005, the Indian River School District paid $686,773 in electric bills. With an impending electric hike of about 100 percent for the School District coming on May 1 that number will increase by $642,180 to about $1.3 million the district’s finance director Patrick Miller told school board members on Tuesday.

IRSD board votes against settlement offer

The Indian River School District Board of Education voted unanimously on Monday to deny a settlement offered by the plaintiffs in the case of Dobrich v. the Indian River School District.
The plaintiffs — the Dobrich family and another family officials close to the litigation won’t name — offered the settlement late last year after filing the complaint last February.

School district explains referendum

The Indian River School District (IRSD) has finalized a three-part referendum question, and they announced the particulars at the Jan. 24 school board meeting. Board members gave notice that they’d soon ask district residents for 25.5 cents on every $100 of assessed property value, divvied up over a two-year period, to support the three funding initiatives.

IRSD celebrates mentors at annual banquet

It’s National Mentoring Month, and the Indian River School District (IRSD) is once again gearing up for its annual Mentoring Banquet, scheduled for Jan. 23.

At district headquarters, Mentor Delaware Coordinator Ryan Farrell said he’d devoted a good bit of time this week to organizing the event.

IRSD board considers next move in suit

Individual Indian River School District (IRSD) School Board members have been excused as defendants in the ongoing Dobrich v. Indian River School District lawsuit, but the district, as an entity, is still under scrutiny. And those board members are set to make a key decision regarding the case this week.

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