DelDOT: New Route 26 traffic signal soon to light up Clarksville

Date Published: 
May 20, 2016

A new traffic signal was set to be activated at the intersection of Route 26 and Powell Farm Road in Clarksville this week. The new signal was set to begin operation in flashing mode on Thursday, May 19. The signal is set to get the green light to begin a regular stop-and-go operation on Monday, May 23, pending weather.

Signs are posted to inform drivers of the new traffic pattern.

DelDOT has replaced the signal because the whole traffic configuration of the existing trident-shaped intersection has been changed into two T-shaped intersections.

Previously, Omar Road and Powell Farm Road met Route 26, at a regular four-way intersection. Powell Farm will still meet Route 26 with the new stoplight. But, Omar Road has now been moved out of the Route 26 intersection, so it just sticks off of Powell Farm Road instead.

Meanwhile, Route 26 curves, rather than coming to a 90-degree turn, so heavy traffic can flow better.

St. George’s United Methodist Church will get extra parking out of the deal.

The changes are meant to improve the road safety by reducing the likelihood of crashes at the intersection.

Officials said motorists should still drive carefully through the construction zones, as flaggers and traffic cones will direct vehicles through the single-lane closures as work in that area continues.

Citizens with questions or concerns can contact Ken Cimino at (302) 616-2621, or or at 17 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 2, in Ocean View.

The project website is at People can also sign up for weekly email updates and use the DelDOT mobile phone application.

Construction Advisory Group meetings are held publicly every other month at Bethany Beach Town Hall, next on Tuesday, June 14, at 10 a.m.