Editorial — Keep your eyes out for little ghouls and goblins

Date Published: 
Oct. 20, 2017

The Halloween season is one marked by celebration and fun.

There are Halloween parties for all ages, festivals for families, adult-oriented events and, of course, activities designed for children to get out and have some fun. Starting this weekend, there will be several trunk-or-treat events — where local individuals, organizations and businesses will provide children a safe environment to wear their new 2017 Halloween costumes and secure some tasty goodies.

It is a fun time of year, and one that promises just about as much fun as any time of the year can, with a little less pressure than some of the other holidays can dump on us.

But it does come with some inherent dangers.

For one, kids wearing costumes often means that these kids do not have the same vision they do without masks or headgear blocking their sight. The children are also usually pretty amped up, so they might not be paying as much attention to the things around them that they should.

When you combine those elements with motorists going to and from adult Halloween activities, well, there is an increased possibility of something going horribly wrong.

We ask parents to keep a close eye on their children as they enjoy as many Halloween-related activities as possible, children to steal that extra little moment to become aware of their surroundings and motorists to really be on the lookout for kids in the streets — both the major and back roads.

Halloween should offer great memories, not nightmares.