LB PTO holds Penny Wars to kick off sign fundraising

Date Published: 
February 17, 2017

Coastal Point • Submitted: Lord Baltimore Elementary School Assistant Principal Matthew Keller was duct taped to the wall by the first-grade classes, which won the fundraising event.Coastal Point • Submitted: Lord Baltimore Elementary School Assistant Principal Matthew Keller was duct taped to the wall by the first-grade classes, which won the fundraising event.Lord Baltimore Elementary School students were able to do something a little unorthodox last week, as students were able to duct tape Assistant Principal Matthew Keller to a wall.

The students had participated in “Penny Wars” for two weeks to help raise funds for a new school sign.

“We had the grade levels compete against each other to bring in change — pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. Some students even brought in bills,” said Jennifer Lovellette, president of the school’s PTO. “Each cent was worth one point... The grade level that brought in the most money won the Penny Wars.”

The students raised a little more than $2,800, which Lovellette said was likely driven by the prize the winning grade would receive.

“They were able to duct tape the assistant principal, Mr. Keller, to the wall, which was fantastic.”

The first grade won the Penny Wars, and Keller, being a good sport, spent his afternoon taped to a wall.

“It was such a great event,” said Lovellette. “He was taped to a wall in the cafeteria. We had mats stacked up, so he was able to stand on the mats and then the PTO officers started by putting a couple of larger pieces of tape around him, just to start it, just to make sure he was secure to the wall. We had fun, different duct tapes — Gummie Bears, Minions — cut into pieces.

“Then the first-grade students came in by class and they got in line. Each student, one by one, was able to go up and stick it on. Once they were all done, he stayed up there so each class in each grade could come through the cafeteria, walk through and take a look at him. It reminded me of an art exhibit.”

The school is still a ways away from their overall fundraising goal — around $20,000.

“We’re hoping, by the end of next school year, we’ll have met that goal in order to purchase it.”

Lovellette said the new sign would include a scrolling LED sign at the bottom of the static sign face.

“Nothing like Indian River High School’s — it would be a smaller one,” she said. “Right now, the sign that is there has been there for a very long time. We’re not able to put a lot of information on the sign that is there. On our new sign, we’ll be able to put more events that are happening at the school to keep parents informed, but also let the community know what events we have at school.”

Lovellette said the PTO plans to host a number of events throughout the year to continue its fundraising efforts.

The next event will be a Dine & Donate at Northeast Seafood Kitchen in Ocean View on Friday, March 10, from 5 to 9 p.m. That evening, there will be a number of auction items to be bid on, including items from Bethany Beach Books, Morning Buns, Tidepool Toys and the Computer Girl.

“We do those throughout the year. We also do Parents’ Night Out, where we take the students for the night so the parents can go out to dinner, go shopping or do something else fun.

“In the spring, we also do something called Laps for LB, where students raise money for how many laps they can do on a particular day. They come out in grade levels and walk together.”

Lovellette reiterated that Penny Wars was a great way to jumpstart their fundraising efforts and get the students involved in improving their school.

“It was a fun and exciting event. It really did bring the entire school together.”

Those who are interested in donating to the fundraising efforts may contact the LB PTO at