Letters to the Editor — Sept. 29, 2017

Date Published: 
Sept. 29, 2017

Accolades offered to first-responders


In late August, I was attended to and transported to Beebe hospital by some very special people: Matt Farlow of the Sussex County EMS, and Brian McConalogue and Robert Steffens of the Millville volunteer fire department.

So often, people only write a letter or call a supervisor with a complaint. I have always felt that I needed acknowledge those whose service is outstanding as well. Early in another life I worked as a personnel specialist in a large city school system. All we heard day after day was complaint after complaint. Every now and then, an accolade came our way, and it meant so much. Don’t get me wrong — legitimate complaints need to be addressed as promptly as possible, but often we don’t give enough credit to outstanding service folk.

These young men attended to me, monitored me and answered all my questions as we traveled along Coastal Highway.

I eventually called their supervisors and am now writing this letter to thank them again.

Sue Cutter

Ocean View

Reader finds problems with latest bill


The Graham-Cassidy bill is an extreme proposal that would increase costs for older Americans with an age tax, cut coverage and price-gouge people with preexisting conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Graham-Cassidy would jeopardize older Americans’ ability to stay in their own homes as they age, and threaten coverage for people with disabilities and people who live in nursing homes.

AARP, doctors, hospitals and patient advocates all agree that this bill is the wrong path forward on health care.

We have worked and paid into Social Security and Medicare our entire life, knowing that as seniors healthcare would be available to us at a reasonable cost.

We agree that Obamacare is not perfect, but we should not throw our seniors under the bus to solve the problems.

George Dobson

Ocean View

Reader offers solution to bypass situation


I wonder if anyone thought to have Mountaire pay for the proposed Route 24 bypass in exchange for permission to expand. Seems to me to be a win-win. Make the deal already.

P. Martin


Readers want officials to get involved


Dagsboro residents in Peppers Creek have voiced a complaint similar to Ocean View residents in Fairway Village, where the Town management has permitted the developer to openly own and market multiple rentals for profit, which classify those multiple units as a commercial enterprise in a residential-zoned community.

From your article in the Sept. 22, 2017, issue, it appears the Town fathers have failed to perform due diligence in issuing building permits for commercial buildings without holding any public hearings to alter the residential zoning.

Both Dagsboro and Ocean View officials pawn off their legal responsibility by suggesting the HOA attorneys investigate. I am not sure of the Peppers Creek HOA, but Fairway Village HOA is still controlled by the developer, leaving Fairway Village caught between a rock and a hard place.

State delegations pass the buck, saying it’s a Sussex County zoning issue. Sussex County Zoning passes the buck, saying state legislature exempts incorporated towns from their control. However, they require various permits for improvements. How can they differentiate between what they control?

When we decided to buy our home and retire in Ocean View, Del., we found Fairway Village to be our perfect place. The agents for all three developers presented this development as an individually-owned mixture of single-family and condominiums. The developer continues marketing at least four buildings in Fairway Village as long-term rentals, with one building fully occupied, and three are under construction.

How can a developer change the usage from individually-owned condos and single-family residences to developer-owned multi-family apartments without a public notice and hearing? Something smells politically in Dagsboro and Ocean View. Our Delaware delegation in Dover, as well as Sussex County Council, as well as Zoning, copped out with “they have no say over incorporated towns.”

Anthony “Tony,” J.J. & A.W. Smith

Ocean View