No board seats up for election in Indian River School District

Date Published: 
Jan. 27, 2017

The Indian River School District will not have a school board election this spring. This time, it’s none because there aren’t enough candidates — it’s because none of the seats are even up for election.

As of 2013, the IRSD was the last school district in the state with three-year terms. After the Delaware State Legislature approved an increase to five-year terms (as was already the case in every other district), the district began staggering term lengths, working its way up to five years for all seats, with the goal of having an election every year.

The 2018 election will include seats currently held by Rodney Layfield (District 2—North Millsboro, South Georgetown) and Leolga Wright (District 3—North Dagsboro, South Millsboro).

Four seats will follow in 2019, and four more in 2020.

Typically, towns or boards cancel elections if the incumbents have no challengers. But this is a rare case in which no terms are expiring.

School board candidate information for other districts can be found online at, by selecting “2016 School Board Member Filings.”