To Your Health

BREAKING NEWS: Bethany adopts beach smoking ban

The Bethany Beach Town Council voted 6-1 on Friday, April 18, to adopt the smoking ban the town has spent the last seven months debating and turning into legislation. With the vote, the town became the first in the state of Delaware to ban smoking on a public beach. Such bans already exist in many California beach towns, as well as on the Great Lakes and in New England.

C-section rates continue to rise at record pace as infant mortality improves minimally

Delaware's C-section rate in 1995 statewide was 21.48%; in 2005, it was 29.94%. Sussex County's C-section rate in 1995 was 21.58%; in 2005, it was 33%. VBACs statewide in 1995 were 3.52%; no statistics were available for 2005. (source: CDC)

V is for vitamins, M is for minerals

Many people waver before reaching for a bottle of multivitamins from the store shelf. Perhaps worse, others go right for a bottle that very well may not be what they need at all.

More than just catching rays

In weeks leading up to the start of summer, hundreds of people turn to healthy and active lifestyles, hoping to shed those last few pounds before slipping back into their swimsuits. It’s the athletic regiment and discipline of the beach patrol that should draw the most attention, however.

A tangled web of health information

With the ever-increasing presence of computers and the Internet in the home, the availability of information on every topic a person could dream of is ballooning. And one of the most common search subjects on the vast World Wide Web is health, as the vast majority of U.S. users of the Internet use their computers to seek out information on health-related topics.

Local support benefits victims of food addiction

Over the past decades, tens of thousands of individuals have struggled with eating disorders and food addictions, many with minimal results. Until recently, many proposed solutions have failed — primarily because they lack one important component: support.

Naturopath offers healthy alternative

Growing up in New Jersey, near Rutgers University, Kim Furtado always knew she wanted to be a doctor, but it took a little more than insight to figure out her true calling — naturopathic medicine.

Urologists in Millville

What started as a small endeavor under founder Dr Raymond Yow — the first urologist on the Eastern Shore — has grown into a bustling practice in Salisbury and Berlin, Md., with four doctors, one physician’s assistant and one nurse practitioner. And Peninsula Urology Associates recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of their new satellite office in Millville.

Keeping the spine in line

Every organ in the body is connected with and controlled by nerves from the spinal cord and brain, so it’s no wonder that keeping the spine in check can involve scores of preventative measures, including visits to a chiropractor.

Bethany shop aims to help with Wholesome Habits

Diane Clark of Wholesome Habits understands that her store just outside Bethany Beach may be a little intimidating to newcomers, but as many people are finding out, the full-line, health-conscious store provides a variety of products and a multitude of information of the kinds that are giving millions of people worldwide a healthier outlook on life.

Technology for better sleep, better life

While we’ve been talking mostly about “active” fitness technology in our series of stories on health tech, I don’t think many would argue about the value of good sleep in overall health, so this month, I’d like to look a little at some high-tech options that could help you get a little more quality in your Z’s.

Wellness Community celebrates year of service

With a cancer diagnosis, one of the first things one might need is emotional support, access to education and, most importantly, hope. The last thing one needs is to think about where to get those and how to pay for them. That’s where The Wellness Community comes in.

Being on the losing side is a drag

I’ve been Betamaxed.

Actually, the realization just hit me that many of you might not remember Betamax, and the battle for technological supremacy it had with VHS during the 1980s. An even scarier thought is the notion that some of you might not even be familiar with the VHS format. So, in a nutshell, I got Betamaxed, and I’m getting old.

Health technology gets moving and grooving

In this second part of our story on health technology, we’ll be looking at some alternative exercise devices and online dieting options.

Nurse June helps LB’s little guys stay healthy

June Taylor, or “Nurse June,” as she is known by her patients, has been instrumental in schools across the state, providing medical advice, care and assistance to young and old in the education facility.

Beebe patients find their bliss with integrative health

Walking into the Integrative Health Department of Beebe Medical Center even smells different than any other part of the hospital. There’s not a gown or hospital bed in sight (except the one used for massage!). Soft music plays, the sound of water is flowing from the room and it is surrounded with live, green plants.

Waxing nostalgic over candles

So, I basically lit my head on fire the other night.

Evening nurses’ assistant certificate program beginning

Would-be health professionals can become a member of the rapidly expanding health care field by taking the evening nurses’ assistant course offered through Delaware Technical & Community College, Owens Campus.

CPR classes offered at Del Tech

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) basic classes for the general public and refresher courses designed for healthcare professionals are available at Delaware Technical & Community College, Owens Campus.

Not too late for flu shots

Delaware’s Division of Public Health (DPH) is urging Delawareans who have not yet had their influenza shots to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Reports indicate that influenza is spreading in New York City and other areas, increasing the possibility that more cases may occur in Delaware, officials said.