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Clean your fish, and eat it, too, at Gilled to Grilled events

Life-Saving Station offers new workshop

Eight whole rockfish laid on cutting boards as a roomful of people nervously picked up their knives. They had never fileted a fish before, but were ready to try at the “Gilled to Grilled” workshop at Indian River Life-Saving Station.

PRMC’s Delmarva Health Pavilion opens in Millsboro

‘We know we need to provide services for you to walk into close to home’

Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) officially cut the ribbon on its new Delmarva Health Pavilion in Millsboro on Oct. 22.

“What a privilege it is to stand here during this grand opening of our magnificent grand opening,” said Dr. Peggy Naleppa, president and CEO.

Is that pain in your foot plantar fascitis?

It is painful and it can make your life absolutely miserable. Plantar fasciitis does not discriminate.

Lions offer vision screening and more to the community

The Fenwick Lions Club provided vision screenings to over 300 children at Georgetown Elementary School last month.

Don’t let hip bursitis beat you

You’ve probably heard friends or family talking about bursitis. It typically occurs in the elbow, shoulder, knee and hip. Some people have experienced it in the base of the big toe or a heel. The hips seem to be the areas often impacted and it is very common, but there’s much confusion about this really painful problem.

In fact, most people think that hip bursitis is a function of age, but that’s not the real picture. The effects of aging certainly are a leading cause, but young people are at risk, too. This is one nasty problem to wrestle with, but you can save yourself or someone you know needless suffering by getting up to speed on the causes, symptoms and treatments.

We all know that muscles, tendons and bones work together to allow movement of our joints. As those movements occur, the friction that occurs between those structures is reduced and the way is smoothed by a thin sac of tissue called a bursa. The bursae (that’s the plural form of bursa) are filled with fluid that serve as a lubricant to reduce friction.

What you should know about the debate over stretching and injury prevention

How many times have you been told to stretch before exercising or engaging in any sport or workout? Is it a good idea? Does it work? It’s a very controversial topic, and the science is contradictory, too.

Zumbathon set for Oct. 18 at Freeman Fitness Center in Sea Colony

Coastal Point • Submitted : Zumbathon participants get their bodies moving at the Freeman Fitness Center at Sea Colony.Coastal Point • Submitted : Zumbathon participants get their bodies moving at the Freeman Fitness Center at Sea Colony.The third annual Zumbathon at the Freeman Fitness Center in Sea Colony will kick off at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 18, to help raise money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The event has raised more than $1,000 for breast cancer research during each of its first two years, but participants don’t have to be Zumba experts to join the effort for the cause.

“You don’t even ever have to have done Zumba before,” said Sea Colony Activities & Fitness Manager Jen Neal. “It’s just to help support the cause and come have fun for two hours.”

During the two-hour dance party, participants are being encouraged to wear pink to show support for breast cancer awareness, and there will even be an award for best-dressed.

Free Frankford Health Fair this weekend aims for wellness

Whether people are looking for a free flu shot or free lunch, the Frankford Health Fair will offer both, and more, when it returns to the Frankford Volunteer Fire Company’s fire hall on Main Street on Saturday, Oct. 4.

“We’ve been doing this one for several years, and each year it gets bigger and better,” said Megan Williams of Beebe Healthcare’s Population Health Department.

Don’t ignore gardening pain — it could signal something serious

Most people do not head for the garden planning to finish the day with aches and pains or a serious injury. Tending flowers, trimming bushes, planting a new tree and even mowing the lawn can be considered a way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. For the gardener, nothing is more satisfying than stepping back and seeing how beautiful it all is.

Beebe Healthcare to host free flu vaccination clinics

Beebe Healthcare will offer free flu clinics for the community starting this month.

Influenza viruses are always changing, so annual vaccination is recommended. Each year scientists try to match the viruses in the vaccine to those most likely to cause flu that year.

Healthy Living: What’s causing that pain in your neck?

We’ve all heard so many of those old jokes. A man tells his doctor, “Doctor, whenever I turn my neck, it hurts.” The doctor replies, “Then don’t turn your neck.”

It’s hard to decide whether to cringe or laugh. The reality is that neck pain is no laughing matter. It can be a sign of some serious problems, and even lesser issues require attention or they can become more serious. If you or someone you know is having a problem with neck pain, you need to understand some of the common potential causes, the symptoms and what can be done to get relief.

Be prepared for anything at Millville safety and health fair

Where should pets go during a storm evacuation? How can you treat substance abuse? What happens in search-and-rescue? What’s your own cholesterol level?

The answers to many health and safety questions can be found in Millville Town Hall on Saturday, Sept. 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

10-minutes or a heart attack:

Free health screenings can save a life

Coastal Point • Laura Walter : Gov. Jack Markell discusses his health statistics with screener, Stephanie Saw.Coastal Point • Laura Walter : Gov. Jack Markell discusses his health statistics with screener, Stephanie Saw.Sometimes the first step to being healthy is just knowing what’s going on inside.

Thousands of employees and spouses under State of Delaware can get free health screenings through DelaWELL, which recently visited John M. Clayton Elementary.

In Frankford, people were tested for blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar/glucose levels, height, weight and body mass index (BMI).

“I think the more people know their numbers, the better of they’re gong to be, because knowledge is power,” said Gov. Jack Markell, who took the test.

Younger total knee replacement patients need smart strategies to stay active

Most people think total knee replacement is for elderly people who haven’t been very active. Even older men and women who have led active lifestyles believe it’s something they won’t have to think about until well into their golden years. If you’re one of those people, you need to think again.

Beebe nurse Jeanne Smith retires after more than 30 years

In 1965, Jeanne Smith graduated from the Beebe School of Nursing. About 10 years later, she returned to Beebe as a staff nurse, splitting her time between the hospital and a private doctor’s office.

Walking without pain

It’s no secret that walking is considered one of the safest forms of exercise for young and old alike. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to become a regular walker, and there is always somewhere to walk, whether you live in a city, a small town or on a farm. However, no sport is without risks, and walking is no exception.

Tanning beds off-limits to minors in Delaware as of 2015

Teenagers looking for a UV-based golden glow will have to go to the beach starting in 2015, when Delaware’s newest tanning law begins. Beginning at the new year, no one younger than 18 can use UV tanning devices at tanning facilities.

Fenwick Lions offer vision screening to vets and families

The Fenwick Island Lions Club, Millsboro American Legion and the Ocean View VFW — in the spirit of the newly formed Delaware Joining Forces initiative designed to encourage veterans and community service organizations to work more closely together — will offer a free vision screening opportunity, starting this month, to veterans and their families.

Free info and enrollment sessions offered for ACA

It’s not too late to learn about affordable healthcare options. People can schedule free appointments at their local library with the Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care.

“We kind of want to be able to establish in these local communities [a place] where folks know they can go to get assistance,” said Christopher Casazza, DFMC supervisor and lead marketplace guide.