Drivers, start your hands-free devices

Did you pick up some thumb socks for Dad for Father’s Day? If not, you may want to put it on the list for an early Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or Yule present later this year, because Delaware lawmakers on June 22 passed a bill that bans texting or use of a hand-held cell phone while driving in the state. And with an expected signature from Gov. Jack Markell, the ban could become law at the end of the year.

Biden teaching kids to be safe online

The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way we live our lives. It’s changed the way we learn, communicate and spend our time, especially for today’s youth. But there are risks out there, hiding behind the anonymity and ambiguity of the Internet. This past week, Delaware Attorney General Joseph R.

New software helps put Selbyville police on the map

Late last year, the Selbyville Police Department became one of the few local law enforcement agencies to utilize a computer service, called Nixle, to directly contact members of the community in the event of an emergency or other urgent concerns.

Calling all cell-phone losers

We’ve all had it happen: A co-worker or family member heads out for a few hours. You call them on their cell phone to relay a message or ask them to pick up a gallon of milk, only to hear the distinctive sound of their phone’s ringtone coming from down the hall.

Taking social networking to the next level

Twitter, Digg and Delicious offer other ways to get connected

We’ve had a great response in the last two weeks to our new Coastal Point Facebook page, with dozens of new “fans” and an ever-expanding network of “friends” for our staff. It looks like some of our friends and fans are relatively new to Facebook, and we hope you’ve been enjoying the experience, while the old hands at Facebook get to interact with us even more than usual.

Users flock to social networking site

Judging by the attention it’s been getting in the mainstream media lately, social networking seems to have come into its own. No longer are Facebook and MySpace the isolated bastion of college students. No longer is Twitter just the sound a bird makes for those who don’t consider themselves hard-core geeks.

Time ticking down on analog TV broadcasts

I received a recorded message from my satellite television provider a few weeks ago, letting me know that if I’d like to upgrade my equipment, I could receive the new digital television broadcasts right through my satellite box, with no additional converter box needed, all for a modest price.

Wii putting the ‘we’ in many holidays

After two years of short supplies that have sent many a parent heading to eBay or home in discouragement, supplies of the popular Wii video game console are finally showing signs of freeing up, just in time for the 2008 holidays.

Classic consumerism: Vintage favorites and retro specialties find a home on the Web

This voyage into some tips for the modern consumer started innocently, with a newsroom discussion of Nabisco Crown Pilot crackers that originated in topics unknown and probably better left that way.

Things you can do on the Internet

And you never knew it...

Periodically, we get requests from Coastal Point readers to expand our technology columns to offer tips to those who are just learning to use computers and other gadgets, or those who know the basics but want to expand their horizons, with some Tech 101-type pieces. For all of you who made that request, this is for you.

Coastal Point Health-Tech Challenge, Week 2

Keeping at it

Well, it’s the end of Week 2 of the Coastal Point Health-Tech Challenge, and I’ve been pleased with my ability to keep up my new exercise regimen using Wii Fit. On the down side, I’ve gained 4 pounds since starting the program two weeks ago. On the up side, even without verification with a body-fat calculation and with my diet unchanged, I’m positive that all of that extra weight (and probably more) is muscle.

Get rid of that old TV the green way

The average computer user replaces their computer every two to three years. New television technology is tolling the bell on millions of TV sets across the country, as viewers upgrade to sets capable of displaying high-definition signals. And millions of VCRs are being replaced these days will recordable DVD machines and digital video recorders. So, where do all these devices end up?

Introducing the Coastal Point Health-Tech Challenge

In our recent series of health stories on technologically-savvy ways to get (and stay) in shape, I noted the expected release of the Wii Fit game and balance board peripheral this month. Well, May 22 arrived late last week, and with it my very own copy of the game and my very own balance board.

Take some of that green and get greener

Many U.S. taxpayers will start receiving their 2008 stimulus payments in increments of $300 this week through direct deposit, with $300 or more for many single taxpayers, $600 or more for many couples and $300 additional for each eligible child.