Weaving a ‘green’ Web

While the back-to-basics, low-electricity push of the green movement may seem incompatible on some level with computers and computer monitors, there’s no question that the Internet has been a major mover in the efforts to protect the planet and human health, and plan for a greener future. These are just a few of the thousands of Web sites that are doing their part in the name of green.

Technology for better sleep, better life

While we’ve been talking mostly about “active” fitness technology in our series of stories on health tech, I don’t think many would argue about the value of good sleep in overall health, so this month, I’d like to look a little at some high-tech options that could help you get a little more quality in your Z’s.

Are you ready for the DTV transition?

Chances are when most of the remaining analog cellular phone systems were turned off Feb. 18, you didn’t lose the use of your more modern wireless phone, even if some people were surprised to find their alarm systems and older cellular-based car systems were affected. But what will happen on Feb. 17, 2009, when analog TV too goes the way of the dinosaurs? 2.0 unveiled

New features, function and interactivity

Welcome to 2.0! If you’ve visited our Web site in the last few weeks, you’ll already have noticed the appearance of the first phase of months of behind-the-scenes work by our staff on The Point’s Web presence.

Health technology gets moving and grooving

In this second part of our story on health technology, we’ll be looking at some alternative exercise devices and online dieting options.

Got cell? Put that old phone out to pasture gracefully

Now that the holidays have come and gone, it’s certain that quite a few of us woke up Christmas morning with a new cell phone under the tree or unwrapped something shiny, silver and technological to go with the traditional blue and silver of Hanukkah, or perhaps a nice, flat black (just like the go-everywhere little black dress or black dress shoes) to go with whichever of the other winter holid

For the ultimate cool Yule

Ah, the holidays… when all good geek brains turn to thoughts of e-goodies and tech toys. Yes, it’s time for the annual round-up of my top tech gift ideas for you and yours, with items for all budgets and every tech lover on your gift list.

For the kids

While picking technology gifts for teenagers and adults is more a process of narrowing down a wide range of options, it’s only been in recent years that technology for the smallest of humans has really started to come into its own.

Book 'em Bezos

It’s likely that at least as many of you will read this column online as on paper. So, what’s keeping you from reading your copy of “War and Peace” or the latest bestselling crime thriller in digital format rather than in paper and ink format?

There's something dirty in my computer

Have you vacuumed your computer lately?

Yes, I said vacuumed.

Better question: have you cracked open your computer case lately and taken a look at what’s inside?

Which 'smartphone' is the smart choice?

Like many technology writers this week, I’ve had to take some deep consideration of how I’d deal with the subject of the iPhone.

Wireless Internet: the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving

"tricia, what is this box hooked up to my computer?” my father asked me this week, in the typical all-lowercase e-mail he started sending me after I informed him some years ago that uppercase typing in e-mail was equivalent to shouting.

Nintendo’s latest game console a win-win

I bowled a 229 game last Sunday. Pins were flying, and I managed six consecutive strikes. And I haven’t picked up a bowling ball since kindergarten.

Apple’s new iPhone

The buzz from tech-heads over last week’s Consumer Electronics Show was easily drowned out by the enthusiastic sighs over Apple’s new iPhone – the long anticipated cell phone/iPod hybrid that CEO Steve Jobs announced at the company’s annual unveiling of new products.

Great tech gifts keep on giving

Ah, the days after Christmas, when all good gift cards go back to the store for a belated spree of shopping goodness and all bad gifts are hoped to do likewise.