It's the most wonderful time of the year

So it’s about time that I write my Christmas technology column for this year. Now, I usually do a list on ideas on what I might get my co-workers for Christmas, but this year I’ve decided to break the norm. This year I’ll be writing about what I want for Christmas.

Selbyville VFC jumps on Web wagon

In what has become a growing trend for towns, fire departments and other organizations locally and nationally, the Selbyville Volunteer Fire Company recently launched a seemingly all-inclusive Web site.


To many of you, this acronym has no meaning. But to some of us, it is a large form of entertainment. MMORPG stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Basically a bunch of people from all over the world start up a game on their computers or game consoles and log into a whole new world.

Surf's Up--Some online marketing tips

Nearly 75 percent of Americans — or more than 204 million people — have access to the Internet, according to a 2004 report from Nielson/Netratings. Just a year prior, 181 million Americans were Internet users. That means there’s been a 15 percent increase in one year.

Towns use internet to reach their citizens

It’s become a tool of convenience. People use the Internet to buy shoes, check the scores of sports games, book plane flights and even compare hotels without leaving their homes.


To furnish one’s iPod with accessories.
To wear or select accessories for one’s iPod according to the latest fashions.

Ipod is simply IMazing!

I have seen the future, and it’s in a tiny little white box with little white wires sticking out of it.

Ah, yes — the increasingly ubiquitous iPod.

OK — mine is actually black, and it’s in a green aluminum case that manages to look almost as slick as the original design. But that’s beside the point — at least for the moment.

Pretty slick play

Sony PSP. PlayStation Portable. Most of you know about this pretty slick portable gaming system, but for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, it’s one of the coolest gadgets I’ve tried in a while. It’s more than just a portable video game console.
It connects to your wireless network to provide you with Internet browsing (a little awkward, but it works).

Technoholics beware--New video game consoles due soon

So I’m sitting at my desk, building some beautiful Coastal Point pages for our gargantuan Memorial Day weekend issue, when our beloved editor, Darin, asked me if I’d heard about the new Sony PlayStation 3 console that had been announced at the E3 video game conference held last week.

President's Day weekend brings Coastal Point to your desktop

It has been a very productive week here at the Coastal Point. Our staff was busier than we’ve been since the beginning. We’ve just celebrated our first anniversary, and do we have a surprise for you!

Make sure you’re sitting down…

The Coastal Point Web site is now up and running at